Segment Spotlight

This section goes in depth on a selected foodservice and equipment supplies market segment. From commercial to institutional, from food trucks to correctional facilities, FE&S covers it all.

C-store Retail Restaurants Thrive

Restaurants can be profit centers for convenience retailers with decent store traffic that enlists the help of experienced foodservice personnel.

Casinos Double Down on Foodservice

Foodservice venues represent a sure thing for gaming operations looking to enhance their customers’ experiences and bottom lines. Operators require heavy-duty and flexible equipment packages to hit the jackpot.

BBQ Retains its Spice

Operations overcome diners’ preconceived flavor expectations and find solutions to succeed in the competitive barbecue segment.

Q&A with Joska J.W. Hajdu, senior vice president, Brookdale, Brentwood, Tenn.

Dealing with customers’ food preferences and special dietary requirements is tough enough for a single-site operation, but can be particularly challenging for one with hundreds of locations.

Senior Living Foodservice Experiences a Renaissance

As senior living foodservice programs adapt to meet the needs of more discerning residents, a variety of equipment items help to expand and diversify menus.

Senior Living Q&A with David E. Henke, Kevin Finnegan, and Tonya Hendricks

Senior Living Q&A with David E. Henke, Franciscan–University Place executive director; Kevin Finnegan, Unidine general manager of dining services; and Tonya Hendricks, Unidine district manager for Franciscan–University Place, West Lafayette, Ind.

There can be benefits for a senior living community that is affiliated with a major university.

Q&A: Tony Libardi, executive vice president of operations, Marco’s Pizza

Eleven years ago, it was mainly Ohioans that were familiar with Marco's Pizza. Today, with some 630 restaurants from coast to coast, the chain continues to deliver on CEO and owner Jack Butorac's goal of nationalizing the brand and growing the concept.

Pizza Operators Rise to the Occasion

Consumers' appetite for pizza is seemingly insatiable. To help meet customer demand, operators continue to increase the quality of the ingredients while embracing special ovens and other technologies that accelerate speed of service.

Q&A: Andrew Steinberg, executive vice president of corporate business, Villa Italian Kitchen/Villa Enterprises Management

Realizing there was an opportunity to capitalize on traditional recipes from Naples, Italy, Michele Scotto brought his family to the U.S. in 1964 and proceeded to build a legacy for his sons, Anthony and Ben.

Q&A: Shane Phillips, operations manager Florida Department of Corrections, Tallahassee, Fla.

Preparing 90 million meals annually from 123 on-site kitchens on a government budget, the Florida Department of Corrections has had to get creative. To feed its approximately 90,000 inmates, the foodservice program prepares 230,000 meals per day from these on-site kitchens.

Correctional Foodservice Boosts Food Quality while Cutting Costs

To serve large inmate populations on limited budgets, correctional foodservice operators leverage high-volume equipment packages.

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