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The Bakery at the Center for Community at University of Colorado at Boulder

The bakery was relocated to C4C from an off-campus site. Some equipment was transferred, such as proofers and floor mixers. New equipment includes revolving rack ovens, scales, a spiral mixer, rounders and sheeters. The bakery produces nearly 80 percent of its output from scratch.

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According to executive chef Kerry Paterson, weekly production includes: 900 pounds of pizza dough; 600 pounds of dough for tortillas; 300 pounds of dough for Persian flatbread; 100 dozen croissants; 200 dozen dinner rolls; and 200 dozen six-inch hoagies. The weekly production from the commissary and cook-chill production includes: four tons of vegetable prep; two tons of meats and cheeses; 4,500 sandwiches; 2,200 gallons of soup and other menu items from cook-chill; and 800 pounds of protein from the sous vide system.

Facility Design Project of the Month, May 2011, The Center for Community at the University of Colorado at Boulder

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