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DSR of the Month

The only monthly feature that profiles the careers of the industry’s most accomplished foodservice equipment and supplies dealer sales reps by presenting their achievements, views on customer service and secrets to their success.

DSR of the Month, Sept. 2009: Rosemarie Baca, National Restaurant Supply, Albuquerque, N.M.

Rosemarie Baca describes herself as the type of person who takes ownership of a situation and manages it. She started in foodservice at the age of nine working with her family's business.

DSR of the Month, July 2009: John Sweeney, The Wasserstrom Co., Columbus, Ohio

In his three decades with The Wasserstrom Co., John Sweeney has created a solid reputation in the industry as a traditional sales rep with street sales skills.

DSR of the Month, June 2009: Brian Morehead, Singer Equipment Company, Phladelphia, Pa

Even though Brian Morehead had no sales experience, his first employer hired him because he liked what he saw. "I was a college athlete, and there were certain aspects of my personality that he liked," Morehead recalls.

DSR of the Month, Jan. 2007: Mike Van de Bogert, Stafford Smith, Kalamazoo, Mich.

Mike Van de Bogert, regional manager for Stafford- Smith Inc. in Kalamazoo, Mich., spends a lot of his time passing along the wisdom he has gained throughout his career to the less experienced DSRs on his staff and most of them ask the same thing.

DSR of the Month, Oct. 2006: Ross Cohen, Advanced Contract & Design Services, Minneapolis

DSR of the Month, July 2006: Patrick Bailey, F.G. Schaefer Co. Inc., Cincinnati

DSR of the Month: Mike Plasman, Stafford-Smith Inc., Grand Rapids, Mich.

DSR of the Month Apr. 2006: Tim Sirmon Mobile Fixture Inc., Mobile, Ala.

DSR of the Month, Mar. 2003: Darrin Bushong C&T Design and Equipment Co. Inc., Columbus, Ohio

DSR of the Month, Jan. 2006: Warren Polansky & Anthony Nicoletti, M. Tucker Co. Inc., Paterson, N.J.

DSR of the Month Nov. 2005: Glen Philbrook, TriMark United East, South Attleboro, Mass.