Product Knowledge Guide: A Value-Added Resource

Although "value added" is an industry buzzword too often bandied about, it is certainly not a property to be treated lightly. Adding value to customers' transactions is essential to DSRs' functions of closing sales and keeping end-users satisfied. More than ever before, current product knowledge is a critical sales element in the channel's value equation.

FE&S has compiled a Product Knowledge Guide covering products in five major categories - Cooking Equipment; Preparation Equipment; Tabletop, Serving and Smallwares; Storage and Handling Equipment; and Sanitation and Safety Equipment. This guide will make a valuable addition to the libraries of dealer and manufacturers' rep salespeople, purchasing personnel at both the dealer and operator levels, consultants and designers, and others that regularly come in contact with the extensive range of products that comprise the world of foodservice E&S.

This year's FE&S Product Knowledge Guide represents an excellent resource for those researching kitchen equipment and supplies. Once a product has been located that seems to fit a customer's needs, especially in the back of the house, the next step is generally to research the product by examining the manufacturer's item spec (or cut) sheet. The information is easily read and comprehended, and contains the vital statistics and applications you need in order to determine E&S customers' requirements and keep your knowledge up to date on a wide range of products.

Cooking Equipment

Combi Ovens
Cook and Hold Ovens
Dual Technology Ovens
Griddles and Grills
Induction Cooktops
Microwave Ovens
Ovens, Assorted
Pots and Pans
Steamers and Combi Ovens
Wood-Fired Ovens

Preparation Equipment

Food Blenders and Processors
Hot Prep and Display
Mixers and Cutter Mixers
Pizza Supplies
Refrigerated Prep Tables
Spoons and Spatulas

Tabletop and Smallwares

Melamine Tableware
Permanent Tableware
Tabletop Accessories

Serving Equipment

Buffet and Tabletop Servingware
Coffee Brewers and Servers

Storage and Handling Equipment

Backbar and Underbar Refrigeration
Hot Holding Cabinets
Ice Cream Machines
Ice Machines
Mobile Racks
Reach-In Refrigerators and Freezers
Refrigeration Controls
Walk-In Refrigerators and Freezers

Sanitation and Safety Equipment

Air Curtains and Air Doors
Custom Stainless-Steel Fabrication
Disposer, Compactors and Pulpers
Food Shields
Protective Lighting
Sinks and Faucets
Touchless Dispensers
Water Treatment Systems