Cookware: Specifying Considerations

When selecting pots and pans, the material must be strong to withstand the rigors of constant heavy-duty use.

  • The cookware should resist denting and staining, yet the materials need to be light enough to be able to move around in a kitchen.
  • The metal must also conduct heat rapidly and evenly.
  • Besides being durable and light, the cookware should be easy to clean.
  • Operators need to determine how the cookware will be used prior to choosing the size and types.
  • Another consideration is the maximum temperature the cookware can handle for various production needs.
  • Before choosing a cookware material, the types of product being prepared need to be evaluated.
  • Operators need to consider whether the cookware will go from oven to table or just be used in the back of house.
  • Not properly anticipating how the cookware will be used can be a costly error that can impact speed of service and efficiency.
  • Not understanding how to care for the cookware can shorten its service life.
  • Not all cookware is suitable for oven to table use.