Onsite Foodservice Honorable Mention: Cleveland State University, Cleveland

Onsite Foodservice
Honorable Mention: Cleveland State University, Cleveland

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CSU_37_-print-fileSpecifying Team: Kimberley Hesseman, CFSP, sales representative, TriMark SS Kemp, Cleveland; Anne Ladd, CFSP, director of merchandising, TriMark SS Kemp, Cleveland; and Kathy Mihalko, CFSP, director of national accounts, TriMark SS Kemp, Cleveland

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China: Syracuse (Cantina and Terra Cotta)

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Flatware: World Windsor (Heavy Weight)

Glassware: Carlisle (Huntington 16 oz. tumbler)

Accessories: Carlisle (Basketweave black basket), American Metal Craft (S/S basket, French fry cup, spice shaker, vase), Image Imports (stainless steel salt and pepper shaker)

Worth Mentioning: The use of color on the tabletop ties into the room to create a warm and inviting atmosphere and provides a shining example of what today's college cafeteria looks like. In addition, this installation uses sturdy china that will hold up well.

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