Banquets/Catering First Place: Red Lion, Seattle

Banquets/Catering First Place: Red Lion, Seattle

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Red Lion Seattle PlacesettingSpecifying Team

Malik Hammond, executive chef, Red Lion; Shannon Sheron, general manager, Red Lion; Josh Smith, sales rep, Bargreen Ellingson; David Mincks, principal, Kelly-Mincks; Jeff Thomas, principal, Thomas Marketing; Tim Aid, western sales manager, Cardinal International

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Photography by Benjamin Toombs, Bargreen Ellingson

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China: Cardinal (Mera, Intensity, Tendency)
Flatware: Allied Buying Corp. (Harvard) and Cardinal (Nuovo)
Glassware: Libbey (Endeavor, Gibraltar) and Cardinal (Elemental, Prestige)

Why it Won

The dinnerware had good flow and featured a nice, diverse collection of shapes. Using the square saucer with the coffee cup helped change the look of the tabletop enough to make it interesting.

Red Lion Seattle Salt and Papper Shaker set

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